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Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch Refuses to Join "Cert Pool"
Neil Gorsuch has only been on the Supreme Court for a short while.  Recently he ignited the fire of liberty and broke 40 years of precedent when he refused to join the SCOTUS “cert pool.” 
The cert pool was established in 1973 during the early days of the Burger Court, in order to efficiently review the near 8,000 petitions received each term.  In practice, the petitions are apportioned among the Court’s law clerks, who then circulate a memo to the justices recommending a grant or denial.  The obvious problem here is that this gives the power in these 8000 cases to the law clerks instead of the Justices.  It also, in theory, allows 3rd parties to unfairly influence a case through the clerks.  That is NOT how the Supreme Court was designed to operate.
Neil Gorsuch just managed to set his foot down in the Supreme Court and say it is NOT okay to pass off judgments to the discretion of legal clerks.  This is the kind of story everyone should be hearing or reading in the media, but obviously is not.
Today the United States Supreme Court issued a direct and final blow to the Islamic Indoctrination of the young in this nation.  The full panel of the United States Supreme Court which consists of 9 judges met to decided the fate of Islamic indoctrination in our American public schools. In a typical 5 X 4 decision, common sense won out, and we have sanity restored to our schools once again. 
The United States Supreme Court was able to hand out this decision banning Sharia Law and Islam from being taught in classrooms because of the tie-breaking vote of the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.  Gorsuch went on to write about the decision: “The government certainly has no business being involved in religion, but this isn’t a government issue or a religious issue."
This is about the judicial branch interpreting the laws as they apply to the teaching of religion. We shouldn't be teaching any religions in the public schools of this country.  Amen, Justice Gorsuch, Amen!
Liberals are all about teaching Islam and Sharia Law but they have issues with “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance and “In God We Trust” on our currency.  This should have been a unanimous decision, not 5 to 4, but it seems like the 4 liberal judges on the Supreme Court don’t care about the constitution, nor our values.
Perhaps this is the start of restoring America to its founding glory.  Thank goodness for our new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch -- a great selection by President Trump.

The Left requires the nation to fracture along racial lines so the government can step in and control. This video shows the empathy the press said Trump lacked in Houston but will never broadcast it.

What a Powerful video!


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Trump's choice Neil Gorsuch sworn in as Supreme Court judge 

With President Donald Trump, who nominated Neil Gorsuch, looking on, the 49-year-old justice took his judicial oath in the White House Rose Garden.

Neil Gorsuch is now the Supreme Court's freshman, after his Monday swearing in as an associate justice on the high court. Since President Donald Trump announced his choice to fill the seat that was left vacant when Justice Antonin Scalia died past year, observers immediately began speculating how conservative Gorsuch was.

The swearing-in of Justice Neil M. Gorsuch on Monday restores the Supreme Court to full strength for the first time in almost 14 months and sets the stage for further conservative victories that could start accumulating quickly.

Gorsuch then thanked Trump, his family, friends, the White House Counsel's office, his law clerks, and his team for their support during "months and miles trooping through the Senate".

A smiling Trump stood behind his nominee. In Justice Gorsuch, they see a man of great and unquestioned integrity.

Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president", he said at the time. During the Senate confirmation hearings, Democrats grilled Gorsuch on a variety of subjects, from wiretapping and torture to guns and abortion.

The Republican majority in Congress made it hard for former US President Barack Obama to appoint a replacement for Scalia in hopes that a Republican president would be elected to appoint a conservative judge - as indeed happened. His efforts to build a physical border wall with Mexico remain uncertain and his attempts to ban certain travelers from entering the USA because they pose a security threat have been blocked by the courts.

"I have always heard that the most important thing that a President of the USA does is appoint people hopefully great people like this appointment to the United States Supreme Court, and I can say this is a great honour", the president said. "I am humbled by the trust placed in me today".

He joins five Catholics and three Jews on the court. The New York Times described Gorsuch as "a reliable conservative committed to following the original understanding of those who drafted and ratified the Constitution”.

TRUMP PENCE Team – Week 12 Update


President Trump promised that he would put in place common sense reforms to eliminate waste so that the government better serves all Americans.


There is duplication and redundancy everywhere. Billions and billions of dollars are being wasted on activities that are not delivering results for hardworking American taxpayers.


We must make our government leaner and more accountable. We must do a lot more with less.

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